I am still in awe of how great our wedding was.  So many people have told us how wonderful the ceremony was - and we are obviously in agreement.  

Thank you again!Alexandra

                                                Your ceremony is made up of elements that you can select, much like you can choose a la carte items

                                                off of a menu to create your perfect meal.  The Declaration of Intent and the Pronouncement are the

                                                pieces required by the state to make your wedding legal ~ the rest is up to you and the mood 

                                                atmosphere, and experience you are creating in which to celebrate the union with your beloved.  Many

                                                wedding books feature these elements, and provide samples of each aspect/section and show various

                                                orders of service.  These books and Internet searches can provide sample readings, vows, rituals,

                                                music, prayers, and exchange of rings passages. We will also provide samples and help you weave

                                                together these elements to beautifully reflect you, tell your unique love story, and incorporate rituals/flourishes to honor family, children, culture or passion!  Some examples are: honoring of ancestors, libation ritual, breaking of the glass, 12 step wording and prayer, and specific hobbies, interests, or themes.  


Here is a sample order of service from a wedding performed earlier this year:




Abbott Wedding Order of Service




Opening words and welcome




Honoring of family


Celebrant's address (Minister/Officiant thoughts on marriage...)


Candle lighting ritual with son Tanner


Declaration of intent




Blessing and exchanging of rings






Ritual - Breaking of bread


Closing blessing and silent prayer





Elements of a Wedding

Whether your perfect ceremony is traditional, contemporary, formal, simple, spiritual, secular,

or something totally unique, we will craft and deliver it with loving care, creativity,

and sensitivity to your needs and circumstances.